Nov 4

Bad information from your Agency and others

I periodically get told from client and potential clients, that HR, a supervisor, or a friend tells them something that is contradictory to what I say as an attorney about OWCP or other legal matters. While I do not get offended when the employee believes someone else over me, it can sometimes be harmful to that employee’s future benefits.

Everyone, including attorneys can make mistakes. As the attorney primarily works with these laws and regulations, they are more likely to have correct understanding of the situation over someone who brushes up against the law from time to time.

My point is not to denigrate non-attorneys. They can often be more helpful than no information at all. But it is important to learn as much as possible and to understand that many people, even those in authority may have incorrect information. If you follow that incorrect information, you will still bear the consequences if you are incorrect.

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