November 4

Bad information from your Agency and others

I periodically get told from client and potential clients, that HR, a supervisor, or a friend tells them something that is contradictory to what I say as an attorney about OWCP or other legal matters. While I do not get offended when the employee believes someone else over me, it can sometimes be harmful to.

August 14

Who calls an OWCP attorney?

I get multiple calls from federal employees every day who are trying to figure out whether they need an attorney or not. In an ideal world, none of these employees would need attorneys. OWCP was supposed to set up federal workers compensation system where an attorney would not be needed. I’m sure there are situations.

May 6

Declaring income while on OWCP wage loss

Let’s say your claim has been approved and you are receiving wage loss through OWCP. You have an obligation to let OWCP know when you make any income. It’s EXTREMELY important you do so as any problems here can go from being a civil matter to a criminal one quickly. What counts as income may.

March 23

Youtube video of the requirements of an accepted FECA claim.

We’ve started making new videos discussing various aspects of federal employment law. Below is a video on the requirements of an accepted workers compensation claim. The requirements include: 1) The claim must be timely filed 2) You must be a federal employee 3) You must prove fact of injury 4) you must be in the.

February 25

No, federal workers compensation is not state workers compensation

I’ve heard injured workers, attorneys, and doctors speak about an injured federal employee with language that should be reserved for the state workers compensation systems. Many clients call in asking about their ‘settlement’. OWCP does not settle any cases, an injured worker could potentially get medical care and wage loss for the rest of their.

October 30

Is FECA a non-adversarial system?

Under the law, FECA is supposed to be a non-adversarial system. OWCP acknowledges this philosophy. The OWCP website states: “Disputes under the FECA are resolved through informal conferences or formal reconsideration at the district office level, through administrative hearing, or review by the independent Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board whose decision is final. Thus employers avoid high legal.

August 19

Sprains, strains, and more serious injuries

I’ve had federal employees get serious injuries to their extremities and if the claims examiner at OWCP finally decides to accept a claim, they accept it for a ‘sprain’ or something along those lines. I often joke with clients that an injured employee could lose an entire arm and OWCP would call it a sprained.

August 12

Intoxication and FECA claims

If you are an employee and you become intoxicated, whether through drinking or drugs you could potentially lose your workers compensation benefits if you get hurt on the job. Every state has its own rules on intoxication. Many states would have you lose your workers compensation benefits if the intoxication is the sole cause of.

August 7

Having a hard time getting a hold of OWCP claims examiners?

You aren’t alone. This is a problem for attorneys/representatives as well as claimants. I find that the OWCP claims examiners vary as far as effectiveness and communication skills. There are some great claims examiners that actually do care about injured federal employees and there are other claims examiners that really don’t seem to care at all. A.