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1. How much do your services cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot quote a service until we have a conversation with a client and figure out exactly what their needs are. Generally, we try to work with clients if at all possible to work out payment plans or to work on a contingency fee if legally allowed.

2. I am a federal employee and I was injured at work, what workers compensation system do I fall under?

Most federal employees fall under the FECA law. However, many fall under the Longshore Act or another federal law. It often depends on where you work and the difference can seem arbitrary. Most of the time, after speaking with you, we can determine which system you do fall under. Occasionally, we will have to see some paperwork to determine the answer with certainty.

3. Lawyers are expensive, why should I hire one when I can just do the work myself?

You MAY be able to handle the case yourself and we’ve talked to many injured people who have handled these cases on their own. However, for every person we’ve spoken to who have done this, we have talked to many more who have irreparably lost their case and many times there is nothing we can do to fix things.

4. The attorney lives in another State than me, how can they provide me with competent legal services?

Unfortunately, very few attorneys will handle federal employee cases. In many cases, there are no attorneys in a State that an injured employee lives in. Fortunately, almost everything can be done over the phone, email or fax so it should not matter. In the rare situations where we would need to be somewhere in person, we would attempt to make it as inexpensive for the client as possible.

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