Schedule Awards and Weeks of Pay

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A schedule award can be obtained when there is permanent damage to specific parts of the body as designated by Congress. They are calculated using the 6th edition of the AMA guides and are also based upon whether you have a dependent (75% rate) or not (66.66% rate).

Listed below are the number of weeks that OWCP pays for specific body parts:

Arm 312
Leg 288
Hand 244
Foot 205
Eye 160
Thumb 75
First finger 46
Great toe 38
Second finger 30
Third finger 25
Toe other than great toe 16
Fourth finger 15
Loss of hearing-monaural 52
Loss of hearing-binaural 200
Breast 52
Kidney 156
Larynx 160
Lung 156
Penis 205
Testicle 52
Tongue 160


For example, if you are married, have a salary of $1,000 a week and receive a 10% impairment rating of your right upper extremity, if OWCP agrees with your doctor’s assessment then you should be paid $1,000 x 312 x 0.75 x. 0.1 = $23,400.

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