OWCP Claims Examiner and QR codes

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In 2018, OWCP changed their rules so the names of claims examiners would no longer be on decisions or any letters going to claimants or representatives. The idea behind this was to increase their privacy. However, claimants and representatives have an interest in knowing that they are dealing with the same person at OWCP and knowing when their contact has changed.

Note that he representative can still be looked up by looking at the bottom of the letter and finding a QR code that represents a claims examiner. A QR codes is a symbol that contains information, similar to a bar code.

Here is an example of what a QR code looks like:


With smart phones, it is relatively easy to decipher the QR code by downloading an application (at the play store or Apple app store) that tells you the information inside the QR code. OWCP claims examiners tend to have their pseudonym be their first name and last initial although I imagine there is no reason why they couldn’t use any other data as their pseudonym.

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